Do you want to learn more about the arts? If you can relate to the incomparable feeling that results from this powerful form of expression, then you may want to consider partaking in an art workshop!

Art workshops provide a unique opportunity for you to explore your creativity and learn new artistic techniques. These workshops can be an inspiring and creative platform to express yourself and your passions. Overall, attending these supervised or guided experiences is a great way to broaden your abilities, hobbies, and talents!


Fortunately, a few local organizations, such as Jasper Community arts and Traditional Arts Today, offer various workshops and classes in Dubois County!

Jasper Community Arts


An assortment of workshops are offered and held at the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center located in Jasper, Indiana. No experience is needed as teachers take you step-by-step through differing techniques and brush strokes. The majority of these workshops are targeted towards a specific age group, which is a perfect way to interact and meet others that share similar interests as you! Additionally, prices vary depending on the particular activity. 


Upcoming art workshops include the following:

  • Van Gogh My Way: Irises (Ages 16+)
  • Retired & Ready to Paint Watercolor! Ground, Trees, Light (Ages 55+)
  • Halloween Watercolor Cardmaking (All Ages)
  • Watercolor Skill – Building with Mountain Scene (Ages 13+)

Likewise, clay workshops are also hosted here! Start as a beginner and enhance your creative skills!

Traditional Arts Today 


Similarly, Traditional Arts Today aims to connect artists and their creations with the community! Located in Ferdinand, Indiana, they present the opportunity for individuals to sell their hand-made creations, while promoting and teaching traditional art practices! 

A few upcoming classes include the following: 

  • Candle Making Experience 
  • Abstract Resin Art 

These are available to all ages and abilities!

In order to register and attend one of the aforementioned workshops, please visit their individual websites! 

Overall, art is an integral part of t Dubois County, and visitors to the area are encouraged to explore all that it has to offer. With its rich history, diverse artistic offerings, and welcoming community, there has never been a better time to discover the art of Dubois County, Indiana.

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