The Dubois County Museum illustrates rich heritage through images, artifacts, and models. You simply can’t miss the opportunity to explore Indiana’s largest county museum while indulging in the land’s history. Obtain a deep understanding of the roots of early settlements, the rhythm of daily life, reflections on American wars, and the accomplishments of local sports—a captivating exploration of our shared history and collective identity.

The Early Settlement of Dubois County – Nestled in the heart of Indiana, Dubois County boasts a rich history steeped in the traditions of German settlers who played a pivotal role in shaping the region during its early years. The museum is dedicated to preserving this heritage and offers captivating exhibits that vividly illustrate the challenges, triumphs, and everyday lives of our communities.

One of the focal points of these exhibits is the exploration of German heritage. Display cases showcase artifacts that reflect the unique customs and practices brought by German immigrants. Traditional clothing and household items transport visitors back to a time when these settlers established their roots in Dubois County. Of these items, personal letters play a crucial role in adding a touch to the exhibits. These letters, penned by individuals who made the arduous journey to Dubois County, narrate the challenges faced during relocation and the determination that fueled their pursuit of a new life. Heartfelt tales of adapting to a new environment, building communities, and preserving cultural ties resonate with visitors, creating a connection to the past.

By preserving and showcasing the artifacts, personal narratives, and cultural legacy that continues to thrive in the region, these museum exhibits serve as living tributes to the enduring spirit of those who paved the way for the diverse community that Dubois County is today. 

Living in the Past – The agricultural heritage of Dubois County is showcased through vintage farming equipment and tools. The accompanied explanations allow visitors to imagine and experience daily processes and the reliance on nature’s rhythms.

Detailed exhibits showcase the timeless connection between farmers and their land. Plows and seeders, now aged with history, stand as silent witnesses to the hard work that went into cultivating the soil. 

The museum features a log barn built in 1885, a symbol of both shelter and hard labor, and houses an array of vintage tools and machinery. Visitors can imagine the satisfying clatter on the wooden floor as they appreciate the kitchen model and imagine the diligent hands that once worked in this space.

Remembering Our Wars –  Through numerous exhibits, the museum showcases various items and clothing used throughout seven American conflicts. Showcasing uniforms, tools, and weapons provide a glimpse into the harsh realities faced by soldiers during the Civil War, First and Second World War, Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Global War on Terror.

The museum’s commitment to preserving the stories of local veterans is particularly moving. The military exhibit pays tribute to the men and women who served their country, with personal artifacts and narratives that honor their sacrifices. It’s a reminder of the profound impact Dubois County has had on national history. 

Sports Throughout the Years – Sports enthusiasts can indulge in our local accomplishments throughout the years. Trophies gleam in the display cases, each telling a story of hard-fought victories and the relentless pursuit of excellence. From state championships to unforgettable comebacks, the walls echo with the cheers of past triumphs that continue to resonate through the community.

Throughout the years, local school sports have not only fostered athletic excellence but have also instilled valuable life lessons in generations of students. The exhibit celebrates our shared victories, preserving the pride, dedication, and spirit that characterize our community’s sporting heritage.

One of the features is a tribute to the local professional baseball player who honed their skills right here, Scott Rolen. The exhibit showcases memorabilia from his early years on local fields, including jerseys, baseball cleats, and newspaper clippings that show the journey from school sports to the big leagues. This hometown hero serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes, illustrating that dreams born on local playing fields can indeed become a reality.

The museum’s extensive collection showcases the evolution of this vibrant community, from its early settlers to the present day. The meticulously curated displays bring history to life, featuring artifacts, photographs, and exhibits that transport visitors back in time. A visit to the Dubois County Museum is not just a step into the past but an embrace of the living legacy that continues to thrive in this corner of Southern Indiana.

Dubois County Museum Hours of Operation: 

Monday – Closed

Tuesday through Friday – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Saturday – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sunday – 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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