A Day in Dubois County

Create a memory in Dubois County rich in history, grand architecture, and family fun.

Remember to check out our list of events—there may be something going on that you want to be a part of. Also, other attractions are available as well—this is just one idea on how to spend your day in Dubois County, encompassing locations in our three largest communities. 


Start your day right with a quick breakfast at a café such as Azura Café or Midwest Cafe for some great muffins and their expresso bar. For a heartier breakfast, Shoney’s and Denny’s are well known for their selection (for a complete listing of restaurants, click here).

After breakfast, tour the St. Joseph Catholic Church. Designated as the “Faithful Watchman over Jasper”, St. Joseph Church is an 1880 Romanesque old-world church listed on the National

Register of Historic Places.  Priceless German stained glass windows, Austrian-designed mosaics with 50 million stones, and marble statues are just a few of the details that make this historic landmark a truly heavenly place. Behind the church explore the Grottos at the Providence Home.

If you want to experience history first hand you won’t want to miss out on The Dubois County Museum, a German heritage cultural center and one of the largest county museums in Indiana, featuring early settler history, religious history, sports memorabilia, its very own life-size log cabin, antique farm machinery, murals covering the walls, a train room with a unique setup of model trains, a play area for children, and a main street that showcases old-time shops and history.


Enjoy lunch at one of our unique eateries in Jasper (for a complete listing of restaurants in Dubois County, click here). A wide selection is available including ethnic cuisine, small deli’s, local pubs, and home-style restaurants. A lunch or supper favorite of Jasper is southern Indiana’s premier German restaurant, the Schnitzelbank, winner of Indiana’s super sandwich competition during Superbowl XLVI.


Tour the Jasper City Mill that has been recently constructed to resemble Mill-with-replacement-sky.jpgthe former mill that once stood near the Patoka River—watch the workings of the waterwheel and browse the gift shop.

Tour Ferdinand’s Monastery Immaculate Conception, known as the “Castle on the Hill” and home to one of the nation’s largest communities of Benedictine women.  Experience the sisters’ serene lifestyle with a guided tour of the recently restored majestic domed church and Lourdes Grotto, then browse Monastery Gift Shop for great gift ideas.

Stop for a tour at historic Huntingburg League Stadium, built-in 1894, and renovated in the early 1990s. It is the site of the motion-picture film, “A League of Their Own”, featuring Tom Hanks, Madonna, Geena Davis, and Rosie O’Donnell.  Original advertisements from the film still remain along the outfield fence.  The Stadium also starred in the HBO movie, “Soul of the Game” and is home to the Dubois County Bombers collegiate baseball team.

Relax as you stroll down the street of this charming Victorian downtown, known as Huntingburg’s 4th Street Shopping District.  Browse over two dozen locally owned and operated antique shops, trendy apparel stores, and specialty and gift shops. Great finds await your arrival.




Enjoy one of the many performances by area musicians at the Jasper Arts Center.  You may also enjoy a backstage (pre-arranged) meal while being entertained.  Please check current performance listings before visiting, but also note that special entertainment can be arranged.   OR

All aboard the new “Spirit of Jasper” Train for a “Ride and Dine”.  Ride in style on beautifully renovated, climate-controlled lounge cars complete with restrooms and comfortable seating.  Each car maintains its own unique design and ambiance.  Enjoy a buffet meal to accompany the scenic train ride. (Other excursions are also available besides the evening “Ride and Dine.”)


Finish the evening rooting for the Dubois County Bombers collegiate baseball team as they play on this legendary field in retro uniforms reminisce of the era showcased in the film “A League of Their Own.” One of the Rockford Peaches beer girls in uniform replicas from the movie will be happy to fill your drink order.

Also, entertainment is sometimes available at local facilities and bars, and taverns. Give us a call, if you have any questions.