Article Written By: Jason Scott Deegan, Tim Gavrich Jan. 15, 2024

Top 50 U.S. Public Golf Courses – Golfers’ Choice 2024

After nearly 300,000 golfer-submitted golf course reviews throughout 2023, these 50 facilities rose above the rest.

Golf is on fire right now.

And so is GolfPass, thanks to golfers like you.

From the millions of golfers reading our articles, destinations guides and lists like this to the nearly 300,000 golfer-submitted course reviews that came into our site in 2023, it takes a community to build a place like GolfPass, where players gather to enrich their golf knowledge and experience.

One way we try to repay your attention is by compiling those hundreds of thousands of reviews – which pushed past the 2 million mark last year – into our annual Golfers’ Choice lists, which offer a lens into which golf courses made their customers happiest over the past year.

While golf magazines leverage small panels to focus mainly on certain aspects of golf courses like design and conditioning – which tends to skew their lists towards the more expensive and exclusive courses out there – GolfPass’ Golfers’ Choice lists are a bit more holistic in scope. We consider the perspectives of everyday golfers – more than 800,000 of them so far – to determine the golf experiences that resonate most.

Yes, course design is crucial to a given golf experience. So is conditioning. But we ask golfers to consider other factors, from value to off-course amenities to service, when they submit a review. As a result, our lists look quite different from the ones you can buy at newsstands. They come from a different point of view, and we are thrilled that they tend to highlight dozens of accessible, affordable local courses that other media outlets simply overlook.

There are 17,000 golf courses in the United States. We are thrilled to note that in 2023, 5,049 of them received at least one review on GolfPass, making them eligible for our various state and regional lists. Of those, 3,303 received at least 10 reviews, making them eligible for our flagship Golfers’ Choice list: The Top 50 U.S. Golf Courses.

As you’ll see, this list spans not only the breadth of American geography, but a wide range of green fees as well. Yes, this year’s top-ranked course is one of Florida’s more expensive resort layouts, but more than half of the Top 50’s green fees top out at or below $100. Now more than ever, golfers know a good value when they see one, and we are excited that this list may introduce you to several excellent, affordable golf experiences that you had not heard of before.

New this year are photos of every course and the chance to book a tee time at a course that catches your eye. Simply hover your browser over the bottom of each photo. If the functionality is available, a “view tee time” button will emerge that you can click.

If you participated in the process by leaving a golf course review in 2023, please know that we are very grateful for your time and thoughtful consideration. If you have yet to review a course but would like to get involved, please click here to leave your first of what we hope will be many reviews in 2024.

How GolfPass determines the Golfers’ Choice Top 50 U.S. public golf courses

As mentioned before, in order to be eligible for this list, a golf course must a) be accessible (i.e.municipal, daily-fee, resort and semi-private courses) and b) receive at least 10 reviews in the previous year.

In determining the final rankings for the year, we weigh several factors, each of which correspond to the way our reviews are structured:

– Overall Rating
– Value
– Conditions
– Layout
– Pace of Play
– Staff Friendliness
– Off-Course Amenities

You’ll notice that we provide green fee information with these course rankings, too. As you peruse the list, it should provide some context as to the way golfers view individual courses. Lower green fees tend to denote a more value-oriented course that consistently exceeds golfers’ expectations, while the top-dollar courses on this list are resort or high-end public layouts that deliver on the promise of a premium experience.

While we wouldn’t presume to call this list an iron-clad objective measure of America’s actual best golf courses, we absolutely stand behind it as an expression of the perspectives of a large number of golfers like you. May you Play More and Play Better in 2024. Click here for full list in official press release