In Southern Indiana, Dubois County is a vibrant tapestry of culture, history, and creativity. One of the most captivating expressions of this artistic spirit can be found adorning the walls of its towns and cities – murals. Adorning the towns of Jasper, Huntingburg, and Ferdiand, these colorful masterpieces serve as visual narratives, telling stories of the region’s past, present, and aspirations for the future.


In 2023, two remarkable additions were made to Jasper’s burgeoning mural scene, both crafted by the talented artist Laura Pommier.

The first mural located at Jasper’s River Walk, “River of Dreams,” captures the attention of passersby with its mesmerizing depiction of animals and nature. The mural features numerous animals in a dreamscape style.

The second masterpiece adjacent to the Visitor Center and Thyen-Clark Cultural Center. Unlike its dreamscape counterpart, this mural adopts a more traditional style, paying homage to Jasper’s rich history and cultural landmarks. This mural skillfully weaves together scenes of county locations and heritage, offering a visual tapestry that celebrates the town’s identity. Prominently featured in the mural are iconic landmarks such as the Jasper Train Depot, Monastery Immaculate Conception, and League Stadium. 

Nestled within the southeastern corner of Jasper’s downtown square lies an alleyway that has undergone a remarkable transformation. Here, an abstract multicolored mural stretches across the walkway and ascends to the second story of the adjacent building, instantly commanding attention with its bold presence. Amidst the Piano Alley, a message is displayed: “Where words fail, Music Speaks.” This powerful declaration serves as a reminder to the impact of music on Jasper’s rich heritage as a hub for instrumental manufacturing, with the Kimball brand once being the world’s largest piano and organ manufacturer. Through this mesmerizing mural, the spirit of creativity and cultural legacy intertwine.

The Astra Alley is also situated in the square beside the Astra Theatre. These additions were the result of a partnership with the City of Jasper, the Heart of Jasper Organization, the Dubois County Community Foundation, the Indiana University Center for Rural Engagement and the ServeDesign Center.


Located at 1440 Main Street in Ferdinand, a charming mural serves as a delightful homage to a beloved literary character: Ferdinand the Bull. Painted in 2016 by a Washington DC artist, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, this artwork draws inspiration from the timeless children’s book by Munro Leaf, first published in 1936. The tale of Ferdinand resonates with readers of all ages, recounting the story of a gentle bull who prefers the tranquility of smelling flowers over the rigors of bullfighting. True to the narrative, the mural depicts a 20-foot-tall bull, towering over the streetscape, as it indulges in the simple pleasure of smelling pink blossoms. 


Nestled within the picturesque streets of Huntingburg, Indiana, two vibrant murals stand as testament to the town’s artistic spirit and sense of community. The first, gracing the south side of the Current Blends building at 307 East Fourth Street, is a whimsical masterpiece born from the imagination of local elementary school students. Painted in 2022, this playful mural is inspired by the theme of “home.” Students under the guidance of art teacher Emily Meyer contributed their own unique interpretations, resulting in a colorful image that celebrates the essence of belonging and community.

Another striking mural extends a warm welcome to visitors. Painted by Elizabeth Wertman in collaboration with the Indiana Destination Development Corporation, this captivating artwork serves as a vibrant introduction to the City of Huntingburg. With its bold colors, the mural invites travelers to immerse themselves in the charm and hospitality of this vibrant community. 

Together, the combination of these murals and the pieces not listed are vivid reminders of Dubois County’s rich heritage, thriving present, and the cherished sense of home that binds its communities together.

A new Art Loop Trail is in progress to connect the unique artwork displayed throughout the downtown. More information will be available come spring of 2024.

The Art Loop Trail

features beautiful painted murals on buildings, sidewalks and streets, unique statues, rotating indoor art exhibits, historic buildings with masaics and stained glass windows, geode shrines and more!