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Disciple’s Skeleton Psalms is the story of humanity told in three parts: brokenness, mercy andvictory. That trilogy of acts was led by the album’s first three tracks to release. “The Executioner,” “Promise to Live” and “Bad Words” mapped out the journey from grim self-awareness through resurrecting grace and into a declaration of the resulting exultant faith in Jesus. The rest of thealbum bears up that narrative.“What a beautiful accident this album was. Every single song is intertwined and connected with each other,” lead singer and band founder Kevin Young reflects. “They all deal with similar themes,they all have an element of being autobiographical. It’s almost like chapter 1, chapter 2,chapter 3: human depravity, the unconditional love of God, then victory.”Young continues, “The songs of victory are really interesting. I don’t know that those are songs we write all the time: living in victory, freedom, peace and forgiveness. We’re always talking about the struggle. And we do struggle on this album. But then you get to a place where you’re talking about ultimate victory.”The album’s title is born from that over-arching narrative, a reference to the sacred death to self that births new life. Skeleton Psalms was created in house: produced by guitarist Josiah Prince at his studio TheRanch, written by Kevin Young, Andrew Stanton (guitar) and Josiah Prince, with drums from Joey West and additional backing vocal support from touring bassist Marco Pera. For additional support on instrumentation, Mark “Traa” Daniels (P.O.D.) played bass. The band called on mixengineer Nick Rad (Skillet), mastering engineer Sam Moses (Tenth Avenue North) and thedrum recording skills of Lester Estelle (Pillar, Kelly Clarkson) to round out the creative team. In addition to the three songs that preceded the album, Skeleton Psalms boasts the hauntingly visceral title track“Skeleton Psalm,” the poignant celebration “Resurrecting Reasons,” thesavagely ripping “20 20 Blind” and the irresistible compassion of “For the Life of Me.” Sonically, the album paints from a palette colored with every one of the releases in the band’s acclaimed 30-year career. At the same time, the soundscape that ultimately takes shape is wholly theproduct of the current lineup’s 10 years as a creative unit.“It’s just the chemistry of the four of us having played so many shows together,” guitarist and producer Josiah Prince reflects. “We have so much instinct now for what the four of us would doon a song when we’re performing it. So when we’re writing the songs, it is informed by that. Tome, this album feels the most like the energy that we put out on stage.

July 14, 2024

Eastern Time

Doors 6:00pm

Music 7:00pm



July 14, 2024 6:00 pm(GMT+00:00)

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