Jasper Community Arts with support from Kimball Electronics is pleased to present the work of Louisville artist, Angie Reed Garner for the months of April and May 2024 at the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center. The solo exhibition titled; ‘Impermanence’ will feature a variety of large oil paintings.

Angie Reed Garner is a second-generation self-taught painter (mother Joyce Garner), with a BA from Reed College in Classics. She cofounded Garner Narrative with her mother Joyce in 2011, and now runs it and Garner LARGE with her artist and brother. Angie Reed is an activist, has lived on four continents, collaborated on anthropological research into veteran-civilian relations, taught drawing to sheikhas in the United Arab Emirates, and now teaches Zen. Through it all she has sustained a personal art practice which complicates and completes everything else.

Garner states, “This series began before the pandemic. A couple of the pieces are not truly dry.”
“In 2019 I did this one painting that I really, really liked. I hoped it was a breakthrough into my “mature style.” I’ve been painting full time since 1995 so it didn’t come quickly. I found out it wasn’t luck. I knew how I did it, I knew I could do it again. I did, I went on to paint a second perfect painting. Weeee! Soon I was painting toward a show of perfect paintings. In my head, I sketched out how my whole art career would develop and flow, once I had this body of perfect paintings. And then the pandemic happened. You can watch the pandemic unfold in these canvases”, says Garner.

Angie affirms that she is not the person who she was in 2019 and not that painter, not physically or mentally. “I hope Art will forgive me”, she says.
Angie is still showing up to the studio, but she is in there in a different way. She states, “I need my painting time to take care of me now. It’s “me” time, it does not feel like work. I have to fight for time to paint—well, that has never changed. It kinda reminds me of how art was way back before I became a professional artist. I only painted for me back then, because other people didn’t yet like or want my work. I was the only person to paint for. There are many parts of my life now that are about doing things with people and for people. Painting does not have to be about that. Painting can be just what I want, nothing added or subtracted. It’s become a wonderful way to paint, now that I think about it.”

Angie said, “One thing I need lately is to celebrate resilience and coping. Nature finds a way to continue after catastrophe. I like to paint weeds, specifically musk thistle, dandelions, and oxeye daisies. They are invasive, they feed bees. So long as bees survive, I think these flowers will be around for a long time.”

A Gallery Talk from Angie Reed Garner will take place at The First Thursday Reception on Thursday, April 4th from 5:00 – 7:00pm. Free event and open to the public.

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