As the seasons change, dive into the heart of Dubois County’s indoor allure with a handpicked selection of activities, ensuring your days are filled with warmth, laughter, and delightful memories. These locations are categorized into art and creativity, entertainment with a meal, and physical activities.

Art & Creativity

Traditional Arts Today  

Operating in Ferdinand, Traditional Arts Today offers classes in the traditional arts and provides a venue for regional artists to sell their quality hand-crafted creations. They promote, teach, and preserve the traditional art practices of Southern Indiana and introduce the traditional arts of other cultures to the community. Opportunities are available for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to learn and practice traditional arts. 

Dubois County Museum  

The largest County Museum in Indiana showcases the rich heritage of the county through exhibits and artifacts that highlight its history, art, and local traditions. Visit the cultural institution in Jasper.

Thyen-Clark Cultural Center

The Thyen-Clark Cultural Center in Jasper, Indiana, connected to the Jasper Public Library. The dynamic center features three art exhibits, each one offering a versatile showcase of creativity and expression for visitors to explore. Click here for gallery information. 

Showplace Cinemas Jasper 8 Theatre 

Showplace Cinema Jasper 8 is a contemporary movie theater that provides a cinematic experience with its eight screens.

Astra Theatre

Situated in Downtown Jasper, the Astra hosts a variety of live performances and events for the community. Movies on Main are FREE movies hosted at the Astra beginning in January and running through April. The concession stand is open to purchase drinks and snacks; the movies begin at 2:00pm and the doors open at 1:30pm. See upcoming movies:

April 6 – E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

April 7 – Space Jam

Entertainment with a Meal

The Broken Tee

The Broken Tee, located in Jasper, seamlessly merges the thrill of sports simulation with a dining and bar experience. Participate in numerous interactive games while enjoying a delicious menu and a variety of beverages.

Fry’d & Chop’d

Fry’d & Chop’d in Huntingburg seamlessly combines culinary delight with exhilarating recreation, featuring Fry’d—a restaurant offering delicious cuisine—and Chop’d—an adjacent axe-throwing activity, providing a unique and immersive experience for visitors.

Physical Activities

Fire Horse Yoga

Nestled on Jasper’s Main Street, Fire Horse Yoga studio has been voted as Dubois County’s Best Yoga Studio in 2022 and 2023. The classes promote strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

Yes Power Yoga

Yes Power Yoga studio on Huntingburg’s 4th Street is a serene and welcoming space, offering a range of yoga classes to foster physical and mental well-being in a calming and inclusive environment.

Plaid and Timber 

Plaid and Timber provides a thrilling axe-throwing experience in Jasper. Different sessions of one or two hours invite participants to embrace their adventurous side in a dynamic and engaging environment.

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